Rebuilding Burnt Bridges

Over the past few months, a recurring theme in my life has been the investment of time and energy in the process of restoring broken relationships. Rebuilding bridges that I either burnt down myself or allowed others to ignite. Admitting the painful truth that I have been at fault for the destruction of these bridges (relationships) because of my pride, selfishness, envy, isolation and fear.

It isn’t an easy place to be at emotionally. The work is hard and takes a lot of time. It starts with identifying and owning up to where I was wrong. Where I poured the gasoline. When I lit the match. It’s also being honest with others when they themselves have poured the gasoline and lit the match.

Honesty, sacrifice and humility. The green vegetables of our inner lives.

Humility in a lot of ways is a dying character trait. It is painful. It’s open-soul surgery without anesthetic. Not blaming others, because more often than not it takes two people to effectively burn down a bridge. One on each side of the chasm that exists between them.

So, what do the bridges look like in your life? Are they in a state of disrepair?

What tolls have you placed in order to cross back and forth?

Are the charred remains of a bridge sitting at the bottom of your social chasms?

Or are you building and rebuilding brides out of a desire to enjoy the life that we have the honor and privilege of sharing with others?

Just a few thoughts as I look at the process of rebuilding relationships in my life that have value and meaning.