A Driving Force

Part of my daily reading has been from “The Call” by Os Guinness, a book about discovering God’s call for my life.

One thing that Guinness says that stopped me in my tracks was that:

“God’s call has become a sure beacon ahead of me and a blazing fire within me as I have tried to figure out my way and negotiate the challenges of the extraordinary times in which we live.”

What that means to me is that there is a purpose for my life.

A mission.

A vision.

A passion.

A driving force that exists simultaneously outside of myself and within my soul.  Speaking of a final destination and propelling me through the challenges of daily modern life towards the “sure beacon.”

A reason to live each day.

I’m a work in progress.  I am discovering what that looks like for my life and I am enjoying the process of really examining the life that I have lived and the life I deep down want to be living.

With that, listen to the call for your life.  It is there, amidst the noise of our daily lives, speaking to our hearts, drawing our souls from a prison of conformity and mediocrity.

3 replies on “A Driving Force”

We all have a purpose in life…its finding that purpose and making the most of it in our life that is hard. Most people never get there. Personally, I hope that I find my purpose and make the most of it in my life time. Your blog makes you think deep within you and forces you to ask those questions that you never really think about.

So, thank you, my friend, for making me think again. 😀

reminds me of the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, I read it many years ago and still need to be reminded continually of ” You have a purpose”, its something i will never be finished working on in my life as i strive to fulfill my purpose

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