The Importance of Sharing

In our presentation, Social Business Strategies, Bruce Elgort and I talk about the importance of sharing, that we were taught that it was a good thing, and somewhere along our journey, we forgot how to share or even why sharing is so critical in the establishment of quality, healthy relationships (business and personal).

We go on to say that sharing is three things:

  1. Speaking
  2. Listening
  3. Collaborating

While we often don’t have time to go much deeper than those three aspects of sharing, there are a multitude of things that can be included.

What are you sharing?

When you talking with others, what are you sharing?  Is there meaning and purpose in what you are saying?  Do you believe in what you feel compelled to share?  Or are you just rehashing what you have read in a book, saw on TV, or from 140 characters in someone else’s Twitter stream?

Perhaps you even go as far as only sharing what you perceive others want from you instead of what it is they are asking of you.

Are you open to receiving what others share?

Do you listen to other people’s heart and soul?  Their ideas?  Their thoughts?  Or are you just listening so that you can add your input or twist, morph and manipulate the shared content into your own image?  Sharing can have selfish tendencies.  We share just enough or in direct proportion to what others are sharing with us.

Are you willing to give to someone in need?

Sharing is a willingness to give what we have to another person that needs the exact things we have to offer.  This can be in the form of tangible objects, known as our stuff, or in the intangible, our ideas, creativity, talents and time.  When we are open to sharing without receiving anything in return, then we truly have an opportunity to forge healthy, strong relationships with other people that are built on trust and faith in the other person.

It is critical to share your hopes and dreams with others.  It is equally important to receive what others share with you.  There must be a proper balance in order to impact your life and the lives of others.

As I open myself to sharing with and receiving from others, I find a tremendous amount of joy and fulfillment of purpose.  As long as I don’t expect anything to be reciprocated.