Beyond My Comfort Zone

I make a lot of bad decisions because of fear.

I don’t do a lot of what brings me joy, meaning or purpose because of an illusion of comfort that comes with doing things that can be commercially viable.

As a filmmaker and photographer, I miss a lot of moments and shots because of a fear of taking out my camera.  It’s safer to not express your self than to put yourself on the line.

It’s all in my head.

Today, the battle of fear was fought as I ventured into Portland to get B-roll of a man who gives time and energy to volunteering for the Portland Rescue Mission.  I get to tell his story as he pursues God each and every day.  Nervous, I found myself apprehensive about getting my camera out of the bag.

Millions of “what if” questions filled my mind.

I step out in faith.

Take off my backpack.

Unzip the camera compartment.

Remove the camera and fire it up.

I’m ready.

Where is my comfort zone?

Behind me.