Discipline, It’s on my mind.

It’s been on my mind the last few days, the dreaded “D” word: ¬†discipline. ¬†Specifically, do I have the necessary discipline to move forward into uncharted territory?

As I struggle to climb out of some holes that I dug for myself and start the whole process of accepting and redefining who I am, what I do and why I do it, I have felt very undisciplined, unfocused and unmotivated.

But as I change my thinking to focus on the things that I have been able to accomplish, the fact that I am sufficiently disciplined becomes a reality, and momentum is renewed in my daily pursuits.

In order to help identify and strengthen the discipline in my life, I have been taking the time to start writing a vision and mission statement for my life and my business.

My mission is to tell stories about people, businesses and organizations that are positively impacting others throughout their communities and around the world.

My vision is to inspire people to discover their life’s mission and purpose through vision, passion and action.

As I move forward with hope and purpose, I am excited and scared.  Ultimately, it is the promise of sharing experiences, stories and life with others that brings a smile to my face and gets my heart beating just a little bit faster.

I am alive.