Adventure – The Spice of Life

My day started in a daze.  Tired, numb and honestly, a little bored.  I was an hour early to my first meeting of the day, so I sat down in a cafe called Mon Ami, Stumptown coffee in hand and wrote down everything that came to mind in response to this question:  “What does adventure look like?”

Adventure is…

Packing a lunch, grabbing my camera, and hitting the road.  Destination unknown.  I know that I’ll return, but don’t know what I’ll experience and what will hopefully change me.

Opening myself up to others.  Allowing them to share their experiences with me, so that I may share mine.

Sharing.  Speaking, listening and engaging others.  Breaking bread.  The communion of souls.  Gravitating towards mutual acceptance as we hold up mirrors that reflect who we have become.  All for the benefit of the soul.

A new road.

An old road, in a new way.

Breaking routine in order to see over the walls of the ruts that keep me trapped moving in a direction of hopelessness.

Calling an old friend when I realize that I miss them.

Doing what I want, instead of saying no or making excuses as to why I shouldn’t do it.

Living in choice, enjoying the predestination election of freewill, choosing the left hand, the right hand or that over there.

Conversation with strangers.  A simple hello, a nod, a gesture, a smile, or a “have a nice day.”

Admitting, confessing and owning the sin in my heart.

Humility is adventurous, as is living in humble ways devoted to serving others.

Service.  Doing something for someone else without expecting anything in return, which is the reward of living an adventurous life.

An attempt regardless of fear.

Answering the call.

Singing in the rain, dancing in the dark and sitting in the shade beneath the canopy of a tree reading, meditating or simply being.

Being who I am.

Realizing I don’t know everything and learning something new.

Seeking new experiences.

Living through and beyond the paralyzing fears of war, poverty, hate, bigotry, life.

Asking an open-ended question and seeing who answers.

Looking in the mirror.

Introspection in an external medium:  art, writing, creative expression.

Realizing I matter to the people that need me most.

Accepting the touch and embrace of a child born into third world poverty.

Acknowledging my capacity to hate and despise those that hate more than I do.

Gratitude.  Being grateful for all that I have.

Working for free when the cause is worth believing in.

Realizing when my soul is in pain and seeking to nurture and heal the source of my life, joy and happiness.  My soul is the barometer of an adventurous life.  Without a life of adventure, I die a little faster than I already am.

The increased heart beat of excitement that reminds me that I’m still alive.


Smelling the fresh-baked goodness of a bakery and not indulging.  Conversely, adventure is being okay with just one bite.

Saying thank you and truly meaning it.

Finally, adventure is realizing when I have lost my sense of humor and seeking to find it again, because when I can’t laugh at life or myself, I lose touch with who I am.

This was the start of a remarkable day.  I mused on what adventure was, I broke bread with friends and then reached out to an old friend because I missed him.  For the first time in a long time, I am going to sleep soundly knowing that I lived day filled with adventure and meaning.

I leave you with my summary of my time spent with a few passionate and amazing people: “The passion of others is greater than any pill or drug you can take.”

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Love it Chris. Love your honesty, your thoughtfulness, and your willingness to share with whomever may read your posts. Though I don’t say it nearly enough, know I love you and admire the man you’ve become. Thank you for your inspiring words!

Thanks Tracy, it means a lot that you said that. 🙂 Hope to see you soon!

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