Return to Me

Well, here we go.  Finally.  Again.

I use to blog fairly regularly until I got lazy.  It wasn’t for lack of ideas or “original” content.  It was really a lack of habit and discipline, combined with the lie that I told myself about the thoughts and ideas that were churning in my mind and soul:  “just because these mean something to you, doesn’t mean that they will matter to someone else, so why bother?”

The worst question a person can ask themselves is why bother.  It changes your focus from unconditional expression for the sake of nurturing your creative soul, to the over-obsessed view of creating for the sole purpose of seeking approval and affirmation from others.  Tell me my identity, so that I don’t have to realize it for myself.  Approval and affirmation only leads to copying, coping and making excuses about why you don’t matter and everyone else does.  It also forces you to say strange things like, “but what will they think?”

So with that, my thought of the moment: “who cares what they think, if you aren’t able to think for yourself?”