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Fight the Indifference

In reading William Albert Allard’s book, “Five Decades,” I was struck by a simple truth that Allard expresses magnificently:

In workshops today I stress to students the need to truly care about what you do.  It sounds simple, but it isn’t.  You may not love the subject; you might hate it and want to show it strongly for that very reason.  War and poverty would certainly be examples.  But one cannot do superior work if one is indifferent.  You have to care.

Superior work requires feeling and caring.  Most importantly, it requires time to listen to the internal voice that dictates what is done creatively.  That need for time runs counter to the immediate nature of making effective business decisions on a consistent and daily basis.

I am challenged to understand the need to no longer be indifferent and to take stock of where I am at.  It gives me a bounce in my step and gets me excited about the work that I am doing.  This passion leads to confidence which leads to making better business decisions.

So with that, read the quote from Allard again and ask yourself, “how will I address my indifference?”