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What It’s All About

I chose to start today differently, focused on doing things that I really enjoy doing.

A book on recognizing and living through fear opened the door to the paintings of Tony Bennett. Inspired strokes of paint swept me across the canvas to the edge of the world with photographer Art Wolfe, reverberating with the words of actor, director and activist Robert Redford: “Storytellers take thought and transcribe it into something else, something that can be passed on to others.”

I needed to get out and think.

What is “this” all about?

The putrid morning breath of fuel and diesel, panic and rush, is quickly displaced by the smell of fresh air, bitter and cold.

A fire roars in a nearby place, filling the morning with the sweet odor of warmth and nostalgia.

An old soul of a tree has fallen. Rotten from the inside out. He wanted to know if he was still alive.

A lone hawk perches on an abandoned fence post. Waiting for breakfast.

The song of gathering geese grows louder and louder and louder. Whispering and shouting, “can you hear us above the roar of your progress?”

A worm inches across the concrete foundation, searching for home.

Another tree splits in half. Reaching towards the forgotten.

Nature has invaded all that we have made.

All they have to say is, “this is what it’s all about.”

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