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Share Your Voice… Rate the TSA!

TSAzrMobile technology has some amazing benefits in how we can affect change in new and exciting way.

Witness a new iPhone/iPod Touch app by Elguji Software called TSAzr which allows you to rate the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) in airports around the world.

TSAzr not only allows you to share comments, the type of screening processes at airports and whether your junk got touched, but by using real-time Google charts and graphs, TSAzr visually compiles the data into lists of the best and worst airports and how they compare to the overall national average.

I had the opportunity to watch and be involved in the conception, design, development and completion of TSAzr. The commitment and dedication by Elguji Software to create an easy-to-use and functional user experience in a fast-pace mobile world was truly inspiring. I can’t wait to see what is next for TSAzr and Elguji Software.

Buy it today for $0.99 by going to and clicking on the link to the App Store.