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Two Steps To Memorable Marketing

Memorable Marketing

It’s not an easy time to launch effective marketing campaigns.  Television commercials fight for our attention, political mailers clog our mailboxes and line our recycle bins, and over-saturation of just about every industry has created apathy in a lot of consumers.

Enter Orchards Financial Advisor Jed Conradi of Edward Jones.  He effectively created a memorable and effective marketing campaign that has planted the seed of who I should call if I need to talk investments.  So, how did he do it and how can you apply it to your business?

Step 1:  Don’t wait for the phone to ring, get out and say hello.

It was another day at Chris Martin Studios.  I’m plugging away at my daily task list when the doorbell rings.  I answer the door and there is Jed.  He introduces himself, asks if I know what Edward Jones does, and hands me a brochure.  After a brief conversation, he thanks me for my time and we both go on with our day.

My first thought:  “Wow, it’s an ugly day out there and this guy is out walking neighborhoods introducing himself.  That’s pretty cool.”

Second thought:  “Must be tough times if he is out walking the streets.”

Third thought:  “Good for him to get out and meet people instead of waiting for people to show up.”

Step 2:  Follow up by flying under the radar.

Yesterday I received a hand-written envelope.  What could this be?  Inside was a thank you card from Jed thanking me for “allowing” him to introduce himself and his firm to me.  He simply said that when he can be of service to give him a call.

Jed flew under the radar by forgoing the standard form letter in a branded Edward Jones envelope, which I would have thrown away without opening, and hand-addressing a simple card sized envelope.

In these simple two steps, Jed has effectively created in my mind the message of who I should call when I need to talk investments.

So, how can you apply this to your business?  It’s simple.  The first step is to find ways to get out there and say hello.  Do you work in a neighborhood?  Do you work in a business park?  Do you frequent a coffee shop?  Go to these places and be friendly to people.  Engage in conversation.  Let them know what you do and take interest in what they do.  Reciprocity goes a long way in not only getting your name to stick in the minds of people, but the first step in establishing a relationship.

Once you have established a connection, it is imperative to follow up, but not just in the traditional ways, get creative.  Send a non-traditional, hand-written note.  Send a gift card.  Send a Virginia Ham.  People will take notice when you go out of your way to acknowledge them.

It’s as simple as saying thank you and perhaps a heart-felt “Thank You” is what will ultimately make a memorable marketing campaign.  So, get out there and create memorable marketing.