Thoughts & Ideas

Creative Action

I often forget what it takes to start and sustain creative projects. I confuse the need for perfect execution and the right amount of inspiration with old-fashioned hard work. When I focus on projects with the perspective of momentum and hard work, it is amazing how quickly I can get something done, sometimes better than if I was nitpicking every little detail and demanding perfection.

To work hard means that I rely on the years of training and experience that I have in design, instead of waiting for the muse to show up and bless me with inspiration. Could it be that the muse will only appear when you are actively pursuing creativity instead of waiting for the perfect moment?

As I read “Monty Python Speaks,” interviews with the people behind Monty Python, I see how their reliance on working hard and meeting their deadlines with the skills they had at the time was how they were able to create revolutionary television shows and movies that impacted pop culture for over 30 years.

My favorite film director, Terry Gilliam, created amazing cutout animations for Monty Python because that is what the budget and production time would allow. As he constantly produced the animation, it became a style that impacted the world of animation and morphed his career over time. From an animation to a visionary film director, creating images that some would consider to be impossible.

With that said, what are you waiting for? Move forward with creative action and change the world. You never know what could happen by acting upon your creative impulses and ideas.