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Clash at the Border Pin
Clash at the Border Pin

Running my own business has a lot of perks.  I meet a lot of interesting and unique people.  I also get opportunities to work with organizations, companies, and individuals that are changing the world for others.

Over the course of the year, I have been designing logos, trophies, pins, shirts and advertising for Clash at the Border, a soccer tournament that took place last weekend, June 24-26, throughout the Camas, WA area.

Having a blast!
Having a blast!

I was also called upon to photograph a group of kids playing soccer at Doc Harris Stadium on Saturday, June 25.  These weren’t just any ordinary soccer players, but players part of a soccer outreach program known as TOPSoccer.  Kids of all ages with mental or physical disabilities playing soccer alongside teams from local soccer clubs.

As each player had a chance to move the ball down the field in hopes to score a goal, they were cheered on by a group of volunteers, parents and spectators.  There were more smiles than I have seen in a long time, and I found that infectious joy to make me smile.

Through all of this, I realize that there is nothing more joyous than watching someone give everything they have in order to succeed.  That joy leads me to ask myself a very simple question, “What am I doing in my life that has people watching joyfully?”